Pearl Margaret

My name is Pearl Margaret Ganzon-Alcantara. I am a Corporate and Intellectual Property lawyer from Manila, Philippines, who enjoys designing websites and blogs about travel and lifestyle.

I fell in love with web design back in 2001 (yes!!!), when I stumbled upon an online version of my favorite fashion magazine from Australia. Back when blogging was more of a personal diary than a thriving business platform, I had my own little creative space and it modestly grew into something I absolutely loved. <shout out to all the pioneer OG bloggers out there!> I did that for more than five years until life (ie. law school) got the better of it.

Although the Internet-sphere has drastically changed (it’s slightly scary TBH), there is a huge part of me that longs to have my own little creative space once again where I can design websites and create personal content. Right now, this space is a bit of a blank canvas where I can share personal thoughts and words, marry art with lifestyle, and hopefully provide helpful and interesting bits about some of the things I love. It’s a work in progress that could be anything I would want it to be. It will also be my creative refuge from all the (non)excitement of being a practicing lawyer.

I love creating websites. If you need any help or wish to get my services/collaborate creatively, message me. Unless otherwise stated, all images and text are copyrighted to and must not be used without my consent. Should you need anything, simply ask and we can work something out. I purchase personal licenses over here to support artists I admire and occasionally use stock images sparingly under a license suitable to my needs. If I was not able to give proper credit, please politely call my attention and I will rectify it immediately.

If you wish to contact me, please click here.