The first post. Always quite nerve-wracking.¬†Fortunately, I’ve been granted the privilege of some downtime. After a recent minor surgery, I have mandated rest and free time away from all the legal work and responsibilities I deal with every day. Thus, I can finally work on some of my personal creative projects, including starting a blog.

I’m thinking of keeping this space very personal minus the pressure. I have designed it in such a way that I get to write a variety of posts, including photo-less ones. It will probably contain a lot of personal musings about my love for travel, personal anecdotes from planning my wedding (woohoo, I’m engaged!), and some more lifestyle-related content.¬†The blog will also allow me to experiment and dabble on more mini-creative design projects that I will gladly squeeze in my everyday desk job.

One of the more usual questions I get asked involves travel recommendations/itineraries. I have several backlogs of travel content that I am quite excited to share here for both posterity and information’s sake. So, stay tuned! Hopefully, I can get this blog to where I would want it to become.

If my friends are reading this, comment away!